Friday, June 27, 2014

Watercolor Pencils Journal Page

      Happy Friday all and glad you could stop by. It's warming up, with Summer officially here, and taking some time to create indoors where it's cool...thank goodness for ac! I came across a quote, where else but Pinterest LOL, and wanted to brush the dust off of my watercolor pencils and play. I had drawn out some flowers in my journal a couple of months back and thought the quote I found would be a great addition to the page. So I outlined them using my black LePen Permanent pen and then away I went, coloring in the flowers and their leaves with a couple of shades of watercolor pencils. I then went in with my paint brush and some water to meld the colors together. I really love the watercolor pencils since I am able to control the color so much better...although using watercolor cakes make playing such a surprise with the way they float and move to their own liking. I then added some watercolor through a stencil (DCWCV 5 x 7) and wrote the quote with the black LePen pen, again, and then added a highlighted side to the letters of the quote with my white uni-ball Signo pen.

The quote...'give everyday the chance to become the most beautiful of your life' by Mark Twain is a reminder to me to look at everything and everyone with a positive light. There is way too much negativity in this world and so many positives that sometimes get I wanted to use bright happy colors to paint the flowers.

I had a lot of relaxation doing this journal entry and I'm hoping to play some more with my watercolor pencils and watercolor paints.

Have a beautiful weekend and take some time to do some creative play!


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